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Do you need long-term support from a paving company near me in Towson MD? If so, then Towson Paving can help. We have been a go-to service provider for high-quality asphalt for many years. We specialize in multiple asphalt services including parking lot paving and driveway paving, as well as repairs and maintenance services. Our dedication to being the best possible paving company in the area separates us from the crowd. Pair that with our competitive pricing, and it is easy to see why our commercial and residential clients continue to choose us. Our paving contractors provide quality, reliable, and trustworthy paving services you can count on. We strive to also provide fast and friendly service. Everything we do is designed to support your needs from start to finish.  

Commercial Paving Services in Towson MD 

Our commercial paving solutions are available to commercial clients that own municipalities, residential apartment complexes, and more. No matter the size of your property, we can carefully and quickly provide the commercial paving solutions you need to maximize your property. Some of our services include: 


Resurfacing your parking lot is an important service we provide. It enables you to enjoy a higher quality parking lot surface without the high costs associated with repaving your property. Contact our paving company to learn more about our resurfacing solutions.  


We can carefully and quickly repair your parking lot’s asphalt in Towson MD. Repairs include filling cracks, repairing potholes and speed bumps, and also water drainage systems. Reach out to our team to learn more about our parking lot repairs.  


Our parking lot installations start with us analyzing your property to see precisely what it needs to make for a professional parking lot. We use the highest quality materials and also the most proven approach to ensuring your parking lot is its best for years to come.  

Give us a call to receive a commercial paving estimate in Towson MD.  

Residential Paving Services 

We also provide homeowners with reliable asphalt paving services. Our paving company has provided excellent residential paving services for residential clients throughout Towson MD. If you want your property to be and look its best, then you can confidently choose our paving company. Our paving services for new customers include all those we offer for commercial clients as well as tar and chip paving.  

Tar and chip paving is an affordable alternative to asphalt installations. It is straightforward to install and it has a long lifespan. In fact, it is even more durable than standard asphalt. The affordability is off the charts, with being something like 40% the cost of asphalt installation.  

So, when you need a paving estimate in Towson Maryland for residential services, reach out to us today!  

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Our dedication as a paving company ensures that you get the best results when you need it. We take a thorough approach to each and every service we offer. You can confidently reach out to our paving contractors for the best possible service in Towson MD. Give us a call for a free paving estimate in Towson Maryland.